Thrace NG acquaints engineers with the unique potential of geosynthetics

   26 Apr 2016

Through thematic presentations at top Polytechnic schools in Greece and Skopje

Aiming to bridge the gap between civil engineering practices and technical fabrics’ production, Thrace NG recently organised a series of presentations at major Technical Universities of SE Europe. In the past two months, Thrace NG visited the Technical Universities of Athens (NTUA), Xanthi (Democritus University of Thrace) and Skopje (Ss. Cyril and Metodius University) to make more accessible the technologies and applications of geosynthetics to young civil engineers.

During the presentations, Thrace NG’s representatives familiarised students and other attendants with the geosynthetics’ production methods as well as the multiple applications of geotextiles in civil engineering projects, making reference to actual case studies from demanding international projects where the company has been involved. Thrace NG has also developed two software programs for road design that were also presented to the attendants. The programs calculate, with just a few clicks, the type and technical characteristics of the Thrace NG geotextiles or geogrids required for a special roadway project, given specific parameters (e.g. soil, vehicle types) defined by the user.

The company’s presentations so far have been received with a genuine enthusiasm from the audience. The latest presentation in Skopje, held on April 8, 2016, was attended by overall 60 participants, among which students, academics, accomplished engineers, representatives from other companies and guests from the City of Skopje and the local Water Management Company.