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The Alpal Bulk Packaging Solution is a smart construction combining a collapsible pallet cage with an inserted "lining" bag to protect the product.


An economic, efficient and flexible packaging solution for all sorts of bulk products and liquids.


The collapsible cage construction consists of a 4-way pallet and a top frame made of molded polyethylene, along with 12 poles made of mild steel - hot dip galvanized.
The inserts can be of different designs made of: coated PP-fabric, PP-fabric with a PE inner liner, cartons, molded IBCs (for liquids), etc.
Carrying capacity per unit: 8,070 kg.
3 different foot print sizes (1,135x1,135, 1,000x1,200 and 1,135x1,230mm). Standard height 1,100mm.
Bottom discharging possible.
The Alpal solution eliminates product-on-product stacking and reduces warehouse space by possibility to stack up to 8 high due to an interlock system.
Efficient return logistics, obtained due to collapsibility.
Environmentally friendly, fully recyclable, long life product (expectancy of 7-10 years).


The Alpal System is suitable for a large range of bulk products: fresh and frozen food (oranges, onions, seeds, strawberries, fries, sugar etc.), dry bulk products (cement, resin, chemicals, lime, etc.) and liquids (wine, fruit concentrate, tomato paste, etc).