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A fully automatic filling system for 1-loop, 4-loop, even 5-loop big bags: Thrace Group offers a complete system, consisting of both machinery and packaging.


Fully automatic, high-speed system, for most types of bulk products' filling into big bags.


The big bags for the automatic filling lines are winded on rolls. The number of bags per roll is 50-300 pcs, depending on bag size.
The main parts of the automatic filling line are: net scale equipment, big bag unrolling unit, bag feeding table, big bag placer, moving filling pipe, inner liner heat sealer, stretching unit, liner pusher, conveyor belts and an integrated weighing & PLC system.
The capacity of the automatic filling line depends on the product. For free-flowing products, like fertilisers, the capacity can reach 250 bags per hour (for 600 kg bags).
The automatic filling system is available today for most types of big bags and besides free-flowing products, it also works for powders.
Some of the benefits of the automatic big bag filling systems are: high and consistent output, major health and safety advantages, cost savings due to minimum of manning and possibilities to concentrate packing to less units.
Hi-tech system that adapts to the needs of modern companies, and also environmentally friendly, requiring less wooden pallets for the empty bags.


The system is suitable for free-flowing bulk products (fertilisers, fish-feed, seed, resins, chemicals etc), but nowadays also suitable for most powders (metal powders, lignosuplhonate, chemicals, minerals, etc).