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Turf Bags & Sacks

Turf Bags and Sacks produced from 100% polypropylene


With experience in the manufacture of turf bags dating back to 1865, we offer the most reliable turf bag products for various packaging applications. A large variety of dimensions are available, for every turf packaging use. All turf bags are available with or without top hemming and with or without turf bag valve.


UV resistant turf bags and turf sacks, for long term exposure to the sun
Turf Bag Colours: White, Green, Red, Yellow
Size range (diameter): from 40 to 75cm, for a wide application spectrum
Weight: from 55 to 80 gr/m2 for different application needs and requirements
Available in standard pallets of 1000 pieces


Multiple packaging applications: sand bags, coal bags, animal feed bags, log bags, turf bags, grain sacks, timber bags, wood kindling bags, vegetable bags, rubble sacks, bin liners, refuse sacks, pallet liners, box liners.

Turf Bags & Turf Sacks - Thrace Synthetic Packaging Ireland