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With over 10 years of experience in the manufacture of breathable membranes, we produce the Daltex® brand name along with private labels that are widely used in the European Construction Industry.


Breather membranes are installed on the outside of the frame and sheathing in timber and steel framed walls. In framed construction, breather membranes protect the frame and any sheathing from water that may penetrate the external cladding and also reduce infiltration of air into the wall. There are three principal categories within our range of high performance underlays: Breather Membranes, Reflective Breather Membranes & Vapour Control Layers.


Reflective finish available which contributes to reduced heat loss through the framed wall.
Protection against wind driven rain, snow and dust
Excellent breathability
Stabilised against UV degradation
Extensively used in timber frame construction since 1989
Flexible & lightweight
Breather membranes have a vapour resistance less than 0.6 MNs/g (Sd< 0.12m)


Walling membrane, breather membrane.