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Thrace Group provides all the materials and components for the perfect FIBC: flat and circular fabrics, liners, webbings & tie tapes as well as sewing yarns.


Flat & circular fabrics, along with PP & PE liners are used in the production of FIBCs. Webbings, tie tapes and sewing yarns are used as accessories for the completion of FIBC`s.


Circular fabrics coated & uncoated from 65-240 gr/m2. Reinforced areas available. Width 45-220 cm. UV stabilised.
Flat fabrics coated & uncoated up to 500 gr/m2. Available in various widths and colours. Reinforced selvedges and areas available. Also conductive and vented fabrics available. UV stabilised.
PP & PE liners up to 200 micron thickness. Available in various lengths in natural, black, white and white 3 layer film. Full open, gusseted, base weld liners and horizontal top lay flat ones can be delivered on rolls with perforated cutting points and double base welding. UV stabilised upon request.
Webbings & tie tapes up to 3000 kgs breaking strength in various widths, colours and weights. They are UV stabilised and can come in cut pieces. They can be manufactured from multifilament or tape yarns.
Sewing yarns multifilament or tape in high tenacity, twisted or untwisted. They come in various colours and are UV stabilised.


FIBC manufacturing