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Labelling machine model WLA 5200-TB-RH. Labels up to size A5.


Automatic labelling of filled big bags on filling lines.


Thermal-transfer printing.
The labelling machine operates in a protection cabinet with over-pressure.
The label is blown onto the bag.
This labelling invention using a new label material has taken the labelling of big bags to a new level, addressing the problem encountered by many companies of labels not sticking properly to the surface of the big bag fabric.
The information required on the labels is programmed before use and makes it possible to use a generic bag (i.e. with the company logo pre-printed), which radically reduces the stock of empty bags.
No document pockets needed.
Flexible system - updated information can immediately be programmed (e.g. special info for smaller lots).


The system is specially designed for the labelling of big bags, but the technique can also be used for labelling other types of packaging or directly onto the product, if applicable.